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Overview of Services

I am invested to a single goal of pursuing superior long-term capital appreciation for my clients.

The primary objective is for me to help build, preserve and manage my client’s wealth. I am dedicated to a single goal of pursuing superior long-term capital appreciation for my clients. This goal is worked towards through financial planning and investment management.

Through my affiliation with Pence Wealth Management, I am supported by a team of specialists in investment management and financial planning including PhDs in Economics, Chartered Financial Analysts, and Certified Financial Planners.

With me at the lead, my primary responsibility is to engage with the client ongoing and make sure we are accomplishing our objectives.

My 20 years’ experience working with corporations, executives and professional athletes gives me a historical perspective to help guide the team and my clients to make the right decisions.

Our approach is conservative by nature and growing our client’s assets is my only objective. We are held to a fiduciary standard and must act in the best interest of our clients at all times.

Comprehensive Wealth Management

Investment Management Services

We will manage your IRAs, trust accounts, SEP IRAs, 401(k) Plan, Profit Sharing Plans, Roth IRAs and other investments. We are highly qualified and provide an institutional approach to managing portfolios including: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETF’s), and closed-end funds.

  • Research, selection, and oversight of all investments and portfolios
  • Consultation on existing investments
  • Assessment of financial goals and investment objectives
  • Development of an investment policy statement
  • Determination of the asset allocation
  • Portfolio risk management and periodic rebalancing of investments

Financial Planning Services

Retirement Planning & Cash Flow

Do you have enough assets or income to retire?
What is your plan for retirement, social security and pensions?
How much will be left for your children or heirs?
Our retirement and cash flow report will illustrate your income, savings, expenses, and resulting net cash flow on an annual basis now and in the future.

For example, if you’re thinking about retirement we will estimate how much money you will have during retirement and then calculate if that will be enough to maintain your lifestyle based on taxes, inflation and a projected rate of return on your portfolio.

Net Worth Analysis
Net Worth provides a snapshot of your assets and liabilities. Your net worth should increase over time and this provides us data on your progress. Your net worth over time will tell us if our planning and investing is effective

Estate Planning

Distribution – Your hard-earned assets should pass to the people of your choosing instead of leaving these decisions to a court or third party. Your heirs should receive your assets at the right time based on age, maturity and circumstances. And you want to make it difficult for people to fight or litigate over your estate.

Management – You should make sure that your financial, medical and personal affairs are handled by the people of your choosing if you are incapacitated to do so or when you pass away. You may want a corporate trustee to help manage the money for your loved ones when your gone if you feel that they are not able to do so effectively.

Preservation – You want to maximize the amount of your assets going to your heirs with the least amount going to court fees or attorneys. You want to minimize income and capital gains tax while you’re living and estate taxes after your gone.
A properly designed estate plan can address all of the above.

Tax Planning

We will invest your portfolio in a tax efficient way to seek to save you money, reduce income tax, estate tax and grow your net worth.

Tax loss harvesting – We will use money lost in an investment to help reduce your tax bill. When the asset is sold we will use the capital loss to offset capital gains and income tax. We will then replace that investment with a similar asset to maintain the allocation of the portfolio.

Are you placing tax inefficient investments in qualified accounts?

Are you making charitable contributions? If so giving away appreciated assets instead of cash will avoid capital gains and take advantage of the full write off.

Investing in Donor Advised funds will allow you to take large write offs for charity donations in the current year and pay the charities over time.

We will also provide recommendations of tax planning strategies including tax advantaged investments

Insurance Planning
Insurance is a critical component of comprehensive wealth management and financial planning. Protecting your assets from the unknown should not be overlooked.

We will evaluate your net worth to determine what assets and risks need protection.

We will help you determine how much life insurance you need.

We will also help determine if you need an umbrella or liability policy.

We will help you pick suitable health insurance for your family including analysis of HMO and PPO networks to make sure you have access to the medical providers your family needs.

Education Planning

What are the benefits of the various products?
1. 529 Plans
2. Custodial Accounts (UTMA/UGMA)
3. Coverdell Education Savings Accounts
Education planning should start as soon as possible and at the latest as soon as the child is born.


Our standard wealth management fee is 1% of assets under management and includes all of the services above. We believe that this is an excellent value for the service that we provide.

All financial plans include a comprehensive report performed by one of our Certified Financial Planners including the information below and an overall report length of at least 50 pages:

Property Summary – lists your real estate and personal property

Asset Summary – lists your assets including investments, annuities, businesses and displays assumptions used for the growth rates of investment assets

Liabilities and Expenses Summary – lists all of your liabilities and expenses.

Cash Flow Report – illustrates your income, savings, expenses, and resulting net cash flow on an annual basis.

Insurance Summary – lists your insurance policies including life, long term care, disability income, business disability, property/casualty, and medical

Income, Transfers and Savings Summary – lists your income, transfers and savings

Living Expense Worksheet – lists the detailed breakdown of living expenses.

Balance Sheet – shows the value of your assets and liabilities, and your net worth.

Balance Sheet at Death – shows the value of your assets and liabilities, and your net worth excluding any assets that were transferred outside of your estate that may revert to your estate for estate tax purposes.

Net Worth Statement – Assets minus Liabilities

Estate Flow Chart – illustrates flow of estate and taxes to heirs

Liquidity of Insurance and Portfolio Assets – Estate liquidity is the ability of your life insurance and/or liquid assets to cover the expenses associated with settling your estate. You can determine whether or not your heirs will face a deficit situation by looking at estate taxes and expenses as compared to the resources available to pay them.

Estate Transfer – The Estate Transfer report shows the estimated value of assets inside and outside of your estate, the reduction in value due to transfer taxes, and the net amount to your heirs.