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Professional Athletes

As an NFLPA Registered Financial Advisor with 20 years’ experience, it is my responsibility to be the quarterback for all of your financial needs.


I strive to build a strong relationship so that my professional athlete clients feel secure to seek my advice for anything. With a variety of athletes in different arenas, my focus is within the NFL. My current NFL clients contact me for nearly all their financial matters for which I am available to help them at all times.

I work closely with all my athlete clients to gain a comprehensive assessment of their financial situation in order to design and manage a financial plan and investment program that seeks to accomplish their goals.

I partnered with Pence Wealth Management with a vision to be my clients most trusted advisor through expertise, integrity, and personalized service. We take a high service, high value, concierge approach to wealth management and will coordinate as much of your personal finances as you require, including working with accountants, attorneys and other professionals.

We are your teammate in your financial life and look beyond standard solutions to guide you to make the right decisions. Our company is conservative by nature and our primary goal is to take care of the future of our clients and their family. We are held to a fiduciary standard which requires us to act in the best interest of my clients at all times.