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Investment Management Services

We deliver institutional-quality investment management customized to the requirements and needs of our clients.


We provide fee-only investment advice. By law, we are held to a fiduciary standard and must act in the best interest of our clients at all times.

We deliver institutional-quality investment management customized to the requirements and needs of our clients. Our team consists of CFA® charter holders, CFP®s, and PhDs with extensive professional experience. The firm’s professionals have an average of 25 years of investment management experience. The firm is dedicated to a single goal of pursuing superior long-term capital appreciation for our clients.

Risk Management

Pence Wealth Management is committed to fundamental research. The primary objective of our research and analysis is to develop portfolios independent of the Wall Street consensus. Our firm is conservative by nature and preservation of our client’s capital is paramount. Our evidence based approach offers solutions that help manage portfolios from volatility and recessions.

Our philosophy is not about chasing the latest trend. Rather, it’s about understanding at a foundational level what is important to you and your values, and then creating an investment strategy that will work towards those goals.

Core Principles

  • Know what you own – When it comes to investing, it is critical to know what you own in the portfolio. We believe that transparency is extremely important in evaluating and making informed decisions.
  • Long-term investment approach – Market timing is an investment strategy that results in unnecessary risk. Because it is virtually impossible for even the most brilliant investors to predict events and market movements with certainty and consistency, investors are better off adhering to a long-term strategy.
  • Discipline – Discipline reduces the probability of making rash or emotional investment decisions which can result in selling when the markets is down and buying when the market is high.
  • Rebalance – Portfolios will experience style drift from their original, intended allocation. Rebalancing resets the portfolio back to its original allocation. Rebalancing has the added benefit of removing emotion.
  • Control taxes – Appropriately managing taxes is an important part of any taxable account. We focus on tax efficient structure and securities.

Investment Advisory Services

  • Research, selection, and oversight of all investments and portfolios
  • Consultation and analysis on existing investments
  • Assessment of financial goals and investment objectives
  • Development of an investment policy statement
  • Determination of the asset allocation
  • Portfolio risk management and periodic rebalancing of investments