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Tech & Life Sciences

In contrast to many of our industry peers, we love to answer our clients questions.


Sharpness and diligence got you where you are today.  You make meaningful contributions to a team focused on solving unique challenges. Your work is highly valued and you’re well-compensated for your efforts. The demands of your position can also make it hard to strike a healthy work/life balance. You smile when you think back on how busy you thought you were before having kids.

You’re analytic.

You’re capable of solving challenging problems, yet you realize the complexity of your finances has grown alongside your responsibilities. You have investments, retirement plans, college savings, company stock, estate docs, insurances, and tax considerations swirling above it all. It’s unwieldy. You’re unsure if it still meets your family’s needs or when you’ll have time manage it all more thoughtfully.

You’re willing to delegate critical tasks before they suffer from inattention. You know how it feels when a partner, tasked with a critical project, delivers exactly what you need.

My team is also analytic.

In contrast to many of our industry peers, we love to answer our clients questions. Intelligent clients, capable of evaluating their options and opportunity costs, which we view as an empowerment to our partnership. Together we can create a financial organization that successfully balances the competing priorities in your financial life and thoughtfully addresses all of your needs.

It shows in our due diligence, the thought process behind our advice, and in the systems we employ to improve your financial management. You’ll experience all of this prior to implementing any of our recommendations.